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Building a Hyper 8

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I will try to keep this blog updated as soon as anything has been done in the garage.

Just for the hell of it

Hyper 8 Posted on 2010-04-22 22:33

Some facts:

– The propshaft tunnel is modified.

– The propshaft tunnel has a kick-up.

– The rear axle can, under extreme load, hit the cover on the propshaft tunnel.

– The gear box is slightly higher than the highest point of the propshaft tunnel.

I need a cover with curved sides. It must also be bent at the kick-up and it must be rigid.
As always it must be as lightweight as possilble.

Help! smiley

Had to make one in fibreglass or, why not in carbon fibre?
Yeah I know carbon fibre is expensive, but I am doing this myself (no labour cost) and with the right connections one CAN buy the material needed reasonably cheap. Make that less super expensive.

Started by manufacturing a model in foamed styrene which was covered in dry wall putty. After some grinding (A grave understatement) it was covered with one single layer of fibreglass. Some more grinding and a few layers of paint later it looked like this.

A mould was made of the model and then it was not that hard to make a very rigid and very, very lightweight cover in carbon fibre.

Weighs in at about 340 grams.

Yeah I know… Bling bling, but this is actually carbon fibre for a reason, not just for show.

Roll management

Hyper 8 Posted on 2010-04-22 21:48

Needed a swaybar.

As usual, as lightweight as possible but also easy to fit on the car.
Mr Mumm had a bunch of different swaybars of which I had the opportynity to pick the one that suited best. THANK YOU!!! smiley

The width were perfect and it is adjustable, since it is a “knife type” swaybar.
Of course the actual bar is a tube which is very light and very linear under load.

A swaybar made from an actual bar will twist under load, so you really don’t know what happens when you go flat out.

After fabricating mounting consoles I just had to remove the original “guide rings” and add new ones.
My friend Arne has a very large lathe so after the rings were welded in place we could fine tune the measures. Now it fits like a glove without any rattle yet without binding.

Getting in and out

Hyper 8 Posted on 2010-04-22 21:31

Getting in and out of a racing car can be tricky.

The steering wheel must be removable unless you are a yoga guru or equivalent.
Hmm… a finesse added means added weight. Let’s add as little as possible.

With a little help from a friend I got hold of this very nice “Snap Off” hub. They don’t come much lighter than this.

The steering wheel axle is actually a tube so, all-in-all, this solution is actually lighter than the original solid one.