Needed a swaybar.

As usual, as lightweight as possible but also easy to fit on the car.
Mr Mumm had a bunch of different swaybars of which I had the opportynity to pick the one that suited best. THANK YOU!!! smiley

The width were perfect and it is adjustable, since it is a “knife type” swaybar.
Of course the actual bar is a tube which is very light and very linear under load.

A swaybar made from an actual bar will twist under load, so you really don’t know what happens when you go flat out.

After fabricating mounting consoles I just had to remove the original “guide rings” and add new ones.
My friend Arne has a very large lathe so after the rings were welded in place we could fine tune the measures. Now it fits like a glove without any rattle yet without binding.