This summer I bought a finished car since the urge for a Seven was too great.
Great fun to drive, but it “stole” a lot of garage time.

Don’t worry there is still progress.

A new engine has been installed. It is a Zetec “ST170”.
It will produce about 200 bhp with throttle bodies.

Throttle bodies from a Suzuki GSX-R 1000 will be modified to fit directy to the original intake.

A tuned exhaust “header” is almost finished. Not a lot of space due to the reinforcement tubing in the engine bay, but it turned out quite nicely.

Just needs some more grinding and polishing to look perfect.

The drivers seat is now mounted rigidly in a very lightweight way. (Of course)

This rear mounting weighs approximately 75 grams, including the titanium screws.

The steering is completely finished. Well, some more polishing is needed. I’m quite hooked on polished aluminium. 🙂

With this setup, Ackermann will be slightly negative and bumpsteer will be ZERO. Yippee. smiley
The plates that hold the steering end are replaceable if adjustments would be necessary.

Right now the new, ultra lightweight, radiator is being mounted inside the chassis. It will be inclined to keep the center of gravity as low as possible.