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Building a Hyper 8

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I will try to keep this blog updated as soon as anything has been done in the garage.

Lack of space

Hyper 8 Posted on 2012-01-26 14:42

The engine was a bit higher than the bonnet.

Made a plug for the bonnet scoop.

A rather nice result. I tried to design the scoop in a way that would conform with the design of the body.

Throttle bodies

Hyper 8 Posted on 2012-01-26 14:34

Realized that carburettors would be awkward and difficult to use in combination with the variable camshaft timing on the ST engine.

Bought some TB:s form a Suzuki GSX-R via Ebay.

A friend made these nice “trumpets” which has an absolute “snug fit” on the TB:s.

Long time no updates

Hyper 8 Posted on 2011-02-03 21:51

This summer I bought a finished car since the urge for a Seven was too great.
Great fun to drive, but it “stole” a lot of garage time.

Don’t worry there is still progress.

A new engine has been installed. It is a Zetec “ST170”.
It will produce about 200 bhp with throttle bodies.

Throttle bodies from a Suzuki GSX-R 1000 will be modified to fit directy to the original intake.

A tuned exhaust “header” is almost finished. Not a lot of space due to the reinforcement tubing in the engine bay, but it turned out quite nicely.

Just needs some more grinding and polishing to look perfect.

The drivers seat is now mounted rigidly in a very lightweight way. (Of course)

This rear mounting weighs approximately 75 grams, including the titanium screws.

The steering is completely finished. Well, some more polishing is needed. I’m quite hooked on polished aluminium. 🙂

With this setup, Ackermann will be slightly negative and bumpsteer will be ZERO. Yippee. smiley
The plates that hold the steering end are replaceable if adjustments would be necessary.

Right now the new, ultra lightweight, radiator is being mounted inside the chassis. It will be inclined to keep the center of gravity as low as possible.

Just for the hell of it

Hyper 8 Posted on 2010-04-22 22:33

Some facts:

– The propshaft tunnel is modified.

– The propshaft tunnel has a kick-up.

– The rear axle can, under extreme load, hit the cover on the propshaft tunnel.

– The gear box is slightly higher than the highest point of the propshaft tunnel.

I need a cover with curved sides. It must also be bent at the kick-up and it must be rigid.
As always it must be as lightweight as possilble.

Help! smiley

Had to make one in fibreglass or, why not in carbon fibre?
Yeah I know carbon fibre is expensive, but I am doing this myself (no labour cost) and with the right connections one CAN buy the material needed reasonably cheap. Make that less super expensive.

Started by manufacturing a model in foamed styrene which was covered in dry wall putty. After some grinding (A grave understatement) it was covered with one single layer of fibreglass. Some more grinding and a few layers of paint later it looked like this.

A mould was made of the model and then it was not that hard to make a very rigid and very, very lightweight cover in carbon fibre.

Weighs in at about 340 grams.

Yeah I know… Bling bling, but this is actually carbon fibre for a reason, not just for show.

Roll management

Hyper 8 Posted on 2010-04-22 21:48

Needed a swaybar.

As usual, as lightweight as possible but also easy to fit on the car.
Mr Mumm had a bunch of different swaybars of which I had the opportynity to pick the one that suited best. THANK YOU!!! smiley

The width were perfect and it is adjustable, since it is a “knife type” swaybar.
Of course the actual bar is a tube which is very light and very linear under load.

A swaybar made from an actual bar will twist under load, so you really don’t know what happens when you go flat out.

After fabricating mounting consoles I just had to remove the original “guide rings” and add new ones.
My friend Arne has a very large lathe so after the rings were welded in place we could fine tune the measures. Now it fits like a glove without any rattle yet without binding.

Getting in and out

Hyper 8 Posted on 2010-04-22 21:31

Getting in and out of a racing car can be tricky.

The steering wheel must be removable unless you are a yoga guru or equivalent.
Hmm… a finesse added means added weight. Let’s add as little as possible.

With a little help from a friend I got hold of this very nice “Snap Off” hub. They don’t come much lighter than this.

The steering wheel axle is actually a tube so, all-in-all, this solution is actually lighter than the original solid one.

Ignition management

Hyper 8 Posted on 2009-09-09 22:01

Needed some kind of ignition management system.

The cheapest, yet most comprehensive system, (in my opinion) is MegaSquirt.

The only “catch” is that you must assemble it yourself. Not that hard actually, but some experience of soldering is recommended.

The nice thing with MegaSquirt is that I can skip the carburettors whenever I want, since MegaSquirt is foremost an injection management system.

Lots of components… Took at least 8 hours to assemble.

Tested with MegaTune. It works. smiley

New headlights

Hyper 8 Posted on 2009-09-09 21:53

The standard headlights were very large and heavy.

Bought new ones which are much nicer, and lighter (No pun implied.).

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